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New blog/forums topics!

New blog posts and forum topics!

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5 dodododo  
wghatkjaflkjflsfjalfj hohoho merry christmas

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4 Cerberus2000  
Book report due on January 14 - last week to work on this!

Here, info

How Do You Write a Quick Book Report?
By Sarah Bronson, eHow Contributor

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You just have to prove that you read and understood the book.
Unless your teacher has given you instructions that suggest otherwise, the purposes of a book report are to a) prove that you have read, understood and thought about a specific book, and b) force you to practice and develop your writing skills. If you haven't actually read the book, nothing can really help you. But if you've read it and need to whip out a written assignment as fast as possible, learn strategies to help you get straight to the point.
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How to Write a Short Report Characteristics of Writing Short Reports
Identify the book. Start your report with the book's genre, title and author. Examples:

The novel "Watership Down" by Richard Adams is about . . .

The nonfiction book "Hiroshima" by John Hersey is about . . .

Tip: In school English classes, book titles generally are underlined or placed in italics rather than in quotes.

Summarize the book. Continue your first sentence by launching into a short reporting of what happens in the book. The length of this section depends on how much time you have and the teacher's instructions. A paragraph or two should be fine.

Tip: The ability to pick out the most important parts of the story is the best indication that you really understood the book, so don't include minor details. Just tell the basic arc of the story. This will also save time.

Write what you think about the book. Don't just say that you liked it or didn't like it; explain why. What parts of the book were exciting, or sad, or reminded you of something in your life? Because you are doing this assignment quickly, don't spend too much time thinking through what you will write; just write whatever comes to mind.

Tip: If you have more time, make sure you aren't bouncing around between ideas. For example, first say what you liked, then say what you didn't like. Don't mix up the two in the same paragraph.

Check over your work. If you have time, read your report out loud, or slowly to yourself, to force yourself to look closely at every word and to hear the flow of the sentences. This way you can make sure you didn't say anything that doesn't make sense. Correct any misspellings or big errors. Make sure your name is at the top of the page.

Tips & Warnings
Make the report as neat as you can. If it is sloppy and has those rough edges from tearing it out of a spiral notebook, your teacher will know you did it fast.

Do not attempt to write a report about a book you have not read. If you base your paper on the book's cover or online summaries, your teacher might find out--remember, she has the Internet, too--and give you a zero or report you to the principal. Basing your work on the movie version of a book is also a big mistake, because often the movie is completely different.

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3 Cerberus2000  
aughh do it NOW i am ur new mom HAHAHAHA goooooo! evil frighten

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2 what do u mean????  
u present your figuirine with your report and origional book in front of the class via monday.

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1 austin gray  

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