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Battle Tech of The Revolutionary War
Battle Techniques and equipment of thty67e Revolutionary War The Revolutionary Warfare was battled with newer equipment and more techniques than former battles, giving colonists dangerous edges in fierce battles with Great Britain’s Royal Army. The British Army were accustomed to face to face battles and were not used to the American Wilderness. The Patriots, meanwhile, were well adapted to the harsh conditions of America and hid, ambushed, then retreated into the shadows. The angry British Generals hated this, thinking that these battles had no Chivalry, thinking the Patriots were cowards and had no honor. But in treaty, the Patriots were much smarter than the charging British in skirmishes. Closely watching the fleeing British after a battle, Colonial Sharpshooters would single out British Officers, then snipe them down with the new rifle, which was much more accurate and ranged, using powerful piercing bullets instead of musket balls. However the British were well trained and fed well, unlike the starving colonial militia, with no training and homemade uniforms and native buckskin shirts.
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